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VR2HF Remote Radio Server connection page using...
AUDIO ISSUES/PROBLEMS-First of all, run the audio tunning wizard in NetMeeting(NM)to make sure everything is okay on our end. If you don't get audio, it may be due to one of the following: 1) Security is turned ON in NetMeeting (UNcheck it). 2) Someone else has connected to the radio before you (only the first connection gets audio..a NM limitation). 3) Someone connected before you but NM did not properly disconnect (Sysop must reset NM). 4) FIREWALL! If you are running a firewall you MAY need to disable it while using NM or try enabling UDP port 47709. Your router may be capable of being set up for Netmeeting. Check the menus (NAT settings) or user manual. 5)UNCHECK (untick, if you're from the UK) the microphone capability. You don't need it for listening and it can stop RX audio depending on how your version of NM is set up.

PLEASE READ!!! 1 MARCH 2005 ---TESTING ICOM PCR-1000 receiver. Keep audio setting on the 9 o'clock position for best results. Tune the receiver by placing your cursor over the tuning dial and using the left and right mouse button to tune up and down. Warning! Turning on the spectrum display may turn OFF the audio. I am currently configuring the old laptop for Linux and plan to test the receiver on the network soon.

Internet Explorer Users into the text box above and click the "CallTo" button

...if you don't get audio from Netmeeting try our
NEW!!!! WINDOWS MEDIA audio stream. Better quality but 12 second encoding delay time. Copy and paste the link below into the: File, Open URL option in Windows Media Player:

(This is a temporary solution until I have time to build an WMP and/or Ogg/Vorbis Web interface)

TO CONNECT(Internet Explorer users):

1)Set up Netmeeting.
2)Enter- -into the "CallTo" box and click the "CallTo" button.

As a courtesy to other users PLEASE LEAVE THE AUDIO LEVEL AT...9 O'Clock...and put the radio on 567kHz AM or 621kHz AM before you hang-up/log off. THANKS!

FIREFOX/MOZILLA users (using Windows XP):

1) Go to Start, Run, then type in: conf.exe
2) Set-up Netmeeting.
3) Enter- -into the "Call To" box at the top of the Netmeeting window (to the left of the telephone button) and click on the telephone icon button.



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