Welcome to Asia's first Internet-Controlled Receiver! Listen to and tune MW/SW/VHF/UHF live from our village near Tai Po, New Territories using the Yaesu FT-817 or Icom PCR-1000 , 40 meter inverted vee, and Toshiba Satellite laptop. Unlike most other online receivers this system has virtually no audio delay time, enabling you to tune it just like you would a radio on your desk!!

REQUIREMENTS-PLEASE READ!! (updated 1 March 2005):

Windows Netmeeting 3.01 or later and Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer or any other browser (Firefox/Mozilla etc). Most Windows users already have NetMeeting on their systems. If you do not, you may download from Microsoft.com. NM will connect to the radio system when you log in using the link below. YOU MUST turn security OFF under TOOLS, OPTIONS (A/V will not work with it turned ON). Run the audio wizard to adjust levels.

AUDIO-Only the first user connected gets audio and radio control in Netmeeting (program limitation). If you have a radio window, but no audio it may be because someone else who logged in before you is listening. You will have to wait until they finish and log out, then you may log back in and grab the audio feed (Again, you must be the FIRST connection to get audio!). Click on the "Lady" button in NM to view the participant list. Audio encoding time is < 1sec using CCIT u-LAW codec, so tuning radio is fast and easy...especially if you have a high speed connection.

OPERATING NOTES: The HF ham bands are generally VERY quiet during the daylight hours (2300-1000UTC)in this part of Asia. Best listening is SW broadcast bands, VHF aircraft, and 144mHz band (145.650 repeater, for example) . The 15 meter band usually has some activity during the day. If you can't hear JAPAN there, the bands are probably in poor shape! 18 and 20 meters start perking up at around 0800UTC and are good until 1300UTC and beyond. There are some days and times (daylight hours) when no stations can be found on any ham bands (but many on SW broadcast)! Quite different from North America. There is virtually no ham activity on 80 meters, and only evening activity 0800-1300UTC on 40 meters. You may hear several non-hams on ham frequencies. I do not have a good antenna for medium wave. You can hear all the local stations, and some DX at night. I'll be adding several frequencys to the memory bank for MW, SW, VHF aircraft, and 2 meters. SPECIAL NOTE: We do our best to keep the system on the air 24/7. The computer that runs the online radio is used occasionally for other purposes, however. If you are unable to connect to the radio, please try again later.

RADIO OPERATION- Your feedback, suggestions and comments are always welcome. Please contact me at VR2HF@hotmail.com. 73, Dan...VR2HF/K7DAN

If you...

1) Have Windows NetMeeting on your computer (most Windows users do...it's imbedded in the OS)
(Not sure? Try it anyway...NetMeeting will automatically load and allow you to enter settings)

2) Have read ALL the instructions above

3) Want to tune the receiver now


(NOTE: You may also connect directly using NetMeeting by entering: VR2HF.no-ip.org into the NetMeeting address Window)

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Thanks to Brad Wall in San Bernardino CA USA for his help and encouragement in getting this system on the air!

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